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Coin Vase

Coin Vase

Carrying volume in its low, angular belly, the Coin Vase is a perfectly proportioned, yet unpredictable vase form. Unlike traditional ceramic vases, the Coin Vase is narrowest at its mouth; matching its foot which tucks under its belly, creating the appearance the pot perches upon the surface where it stands. 

This modernist vase gets its name from the coin-like medallions that embellish its sides, resembling the handles of traditional Greek terracotta pots. The clay body is covered in a matte white glaze - a creamy surface punctuated by subtle blemishes of brown, yellow and copper tones created by its reactions to high temperatures in the kiln. 

Cylindrical in nature, the Coin Vase takes well to voluminous florals, or wild, cascading arrangements.

12” x 8” x 10.5”
Matte White glaze
Surface blemishes of subtle, earth-tone hues

Rinse by hand
Made in New York

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